Glompensator(TM) G-Type Pistol Muzzle Brake GEN3

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Da GLOMP comp... gen3!

Works on many semi autos... not just GLOCKS!

REVIEW from Industry Outsider: The Glompensator from Rex Silentium

The Glompensator(TM) G-Type Pistol Muzzle Brake was built for aggressive recoil and muzzle rise reduction. It brings control not only to your pistol but to your pistol caliber carbines (PCC) too. Ruthlessly tested on a sub machine gun, the Glompensator(TM) enhances shot to shot accuracy. Rather than full auto bursts spraying at a target you now have control and much tighter grouping. The Glompensator(TM) is easy to install without glue or goop or set screws. Tighten the Glompensator(TM) extra tight and get ready for some fun!!

Please note that due to the effectiveness of our brakes it is recommended that you use a lower spring rate (or spring force) on your pistol's recoil (or main) spring. Lower spring force springs are available at and other venues. See you local gunsmith for proper installation.

Key Features:

  • Unified National (SAE) designed for installation on Stormlake, Lonewolf and other threaded pistol barrels
  • Internal locking (ready to install)
  • Does NOT interfere with sights or guide rods!
  • Dimensions: 1" wide x 1.25" long x 0.80" thick (USPSA, IDPA & SOF legal dimensions)
  • Weight: 1.2oz
  • SMALL & COMPACT highly effective
  • Black mil-spec finish on both Aluminum body and Alloy Steel brake
  • Built for PCC Carbines and Pistols
  • No ports on bottom of brake = no dust printing from prone shooting position
  • Designed in and Made in USA with USA aluminum & steel!
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