New Extreme Duty Tridelta muzzle brake threads and bores

We have some new thread and bore combinations for the Extreme Duty TriDelta muzzle brakes.


New Thread and Bores available:

  • 9/16-24 for 0.308 or 7.62mm bore or smaller
  • 5/8-32 458 SOCOM for .458 bore or smaller
  • 49/64-20 50 Beowulf for 0.501 bore or smaller
  • 3/4-24 for 0.338 or 8.6mm bore or smaller
  • Metric 14-1 LH AK47 7.62mm bore or smaller
  • Metric 15-1 RH for 0.338 bore or smaller

Super Slow Motion Video of the C5 ClawFace Muzzle Brake in Action!

More to come soon. Video shot at incredibly high frame rates. This is the C5 ClawFace Muzzle Brake on an AR15 system. Shows how the high velocity gases are ported and used to reduce recoil as it happens! Watch for the pressure wave of the bullet passing by. Be sure to select the HD option and enlarge to see more detail. Also up on youtube:

Coming in May: Our 1-14 Shotgun Choke Muzzle Brake Adapter (and 2 new Shotgun Muzzle Brakes)!!!

All forthcoming 1-14 Shotgun Muzzle Brakes will work on the MULC or TMULC Muzzle Brakes as secondary brakes.  The MULC or TMULC shrouds will work on the Choke Tube Adapter for CQB and low side concussion!  A fully interchangeable system!  Get the most bank for your buck!!!