Low Profile Direct Thread Mounts

Now available: Low Profile Direct Thread Mounts

The Low Profile Direct Thread Mount allows for less overall length and weight to the suppressor and host firearm. Designed to be rigid, it is cut from 17-4 Stainless Steel and then heat treated to 190,000 PSI tensile strength and 47 Rc hardness. It is one tough and concentric mount. It adds only 0.080″ to your suppressor. Works with any suppressor with the de facto standard 1.375-24 mount thread.


  • 1.50″ Diameter (1.45″ across flats)
  • 0.70″ Long overall
  • Adds 0.080″ to length of suppressor
  • 1.375-24 Standard threads
  • 1.7 oz.
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Hardened to 47Rc at approx 190,000 psi tensile strength
  • Deep earthy bronze color (as heat treated)
  • Optional Matte Bead Blasted Stainless finish

The quiet little POTENS 22LR suppressor weighs in at 3.9oz

Rex Silentium just released its foray into the 22lr silencer market called the “Potens,” Latin for strong or powerful.  This mighty little can brings 22lr and 22lr subsonics to blessedly low levels of sound.  Taking what we have learned over the years, we put together a small, light and quiet can for a reasonable price.
  • User serviceable
  • 4.75″ long
  • 1″ diameter
  • 3.9oz
  • Hard black anodized 7075 Aluminum tube
  • Hardened steel mount, blast liner and first two baffles
  • Includes assembly/disassembly tool
MSRP:  $189.50

Range Day with FIDELIS at Suppressed Nation (with a sound meter)

Suppressed Nation posted an excellent video of the FIDELIS on a variety of calibers and systems.  Using the BK2209 sound meter the FIDELIS logged some very impressive numbers!!  Watch the video below.

dB average on 308win:  133.25

dB average on 300blk subsonic:  120.5




3/4-24 to 5/8-32 458 SOCOM Thread Adapters Sold OUT

The 3/4-24 to 5/8-32 458 SOCOM Thread Adapters have unexpectedly sold out due to a large number of orders.  This thread adapter allows our GEN5 TriDelta, TMULC and Helical brakes to be mounted on the 5/8-32 threaded 458 SOCOM barrels.  Do not worry!  We are making many more right now!  We just wanted to let you know in case you have some on order or decide to order one or more.   Stay tuned for more updates!  Thank you for your business!!


GEN2 Rifle Suppressors are here!

Beginning with the FIDELIS Magnum suppressor at a modest 7.81″ OAL, the GEN2 rifle suppressors have arrived.  Next week you will see videos of sound tests on the VIRIBUS (6.61″ OAL) and the HONORIS (5.41″ OAL).  The FIDELIS suppressors are in stock and ready to ship!  We can custom cut threads in our interchangeable direct thread mounts!  See more product details here…

Our GEN2 suppressors can use both SilencerCo ASR or Dead Air Key-Mo QD mounts.

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REX SILENTIUM – Use Bitcoin To Buy Your Suppressor – The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog

Many thanks TFB!!!  GEN2 Suppressors will be ready next week!  Photos and videos to come!

Montana-based manufacturer Rex Silentium is offering up a unique way for customers to buy suppressors – Bitcoin. Obviously, any NFA controlled item needs to follow the proper legal process of transfer and ownership, but it appears that Rex Silentium is the first manufacturer in the industry to accept cryptocurrency. Because of the paperwork, recording keeping … Read More …

Source: REX SILENTIUM – Use Bitcoin To Buy Your Suppressor – The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog

CoinPayments – CryptoCurrency Payment Option FULLY Functional!!!

Our CoinPayments.com cryptocurrency payment gateway is now fully functional and ready for use.  This is a great way to use your crypto directly without having to convert it on an exchange first!  We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin CASH, DASH, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Ripple and many more!!!

Imagine buying your suppressor with Bitcoin or DASH?!!?  #disintermediation anyone?

98% of our orders ship same business day!!!

100% CoinPayments Rating!



FIDELIS 300 Magnum Suppressor Pinned and Welded for an Incredible 308 UPPER!

  • 12.5″ Aero Precision 308WIN barrel
  • 15″ Aero Precision M-LOK Enhanced Hand Guard
  • Aero Precision M5E1 Upper Receiver
  • Seekins Precision Adjustable Gas Block (tuned for suppression)
  • Charging handle
  • Bolt Carrier Group Complete BLACK NITRIDE
  • Upper Received and Hand Guard Cerakote in FDE (flat dark earth)
  • Pinned and Welded Suppressor (non-SBR) for 19.75″ total barrel length
  • FIDELIS 300 Magnum Suppressor Black Cerakote

Test firing 149gr Lake City NATO (2790fps):
Unweighted SPL: 142.2, 138.2, 137.8 (AVG: 139.4)
C-weighted SPL: 133.8, 133.9, 134.8 (AVG: 134.2)

Complete integrated upper assembly (accessories not included):  $2250.00