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Get Off My Lawn: Americans Prefer Living Among Armed Neighbors | PJ Tatler

Rasmussen has a new poll out about American voters’ attitudes toward their gun-owning neighbors.

First, some interesting numbers. An impressive 68% say they would feel safer in a neighborhood where guns are allowed and only 22% say they would prefer to live in area where no one was allowed to have a gun.

One in four voters think it would be a good if only the government, police and military were allowed to own guns. And to these folks I say GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, you do not understand America.

More than half say they think there should be a “ban on the purchase of semi-automatic and assault type weapons.”

Take note of the clever wording there. This survey question is not properly constructed — it conflates “semi-automatic weapons” with the mythical category of assault weapons. The federal government (Democrats) made up a definition of assault weapon to mean: a semi-automatic rifle that “could accept a detachable magazine and had two or more of the following: pistol grip, folding or telescoping stock, flash suppressor or barrel threaded to accept one, bayonet mount or grenade launcher.”

But “assault type weapon” sounds scary; in fact the word “weapon” sounds scary and we have to give that semantic victory to the gun grabbers on the left.

In any case, the average person is probably not going to know exactly what a semi-automatic weapon is and I bet you’d have a different number if you used the phrase semi-automatic rifle, instead of weapon.

It’s somewhat refreshing to see that despite the massive treasure the anti-Second Amendment crowd has spent trying to frighten people about guns, almost three-quarters of voters would prefer to be around people who are armed and can protect themselves.

Get Off My Lawn: Americans Prefer Living Among Armed Neighbors | PJ Tatler.

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