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One-Percenters’ Gun Control Initiative Would Not Have Stopped Marysville Shooting

On October 27 NBC News announced the death of Gia Soriano, one of the students wounded by freshman Jaylen Fryberg in the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting, and followed the announcement with a reminder that Washington state residents get the chance to vote for gun control via Initiative 594 next week.

The catch is that I-594 would not have stopped or even hindered the Marysville shooting.

NBC News reported that residents get to vote on “universal background checks” next week — checks which “Congress tried, but failed to pass.” They also reported that some Newtown, Connecticut, parents were already pushing for “universal background checks.”

Breitbart News previously reported that “universal background checks” — like those contained in the failed Senate gun bill — would not have stopped the Marysville shooting because the gun used by Fryberg was “legally” obtained by his father. In other words, he went through a background check.

The same is true for the Washington state gun control initiative being funded by one-percenters like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Nicolas Hanauer, and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, among others. The “universal background checks” and gun registry I-594 would institute would not have done anything to prevent the Marysville attack from happening.

It is simply another gun control measure which promises safety, yet fails to deliver on that promise. In so doing, it forces law-abiding citizens to jump through more hoops to acquire a firearm for self-defense while leaving criminals undeterred.

via One-Percenters’ Gun Control Initiative Would Not Have Stopped Marysville Shooting.

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