More Great Reviews: TriDelta Tactical Muzzle Brake

Tactical TriDelta Muzzle Brake

Beautiful little muzzle brake

By max hoganon August 5, 2014

Size Name: 5/8″-24TPI Verified Purchase

Beautiful little muzzle brake! Ended up welding onto my ak and it works great so far. Muzzle rise is barely there but I think 75 percent recoil reduction seems a little high. Might be more around 40-50 range but it makes a great difference and was extremely happy with the product and great shipping speed!

Well worth it

By K. Hillon February 15, 2014

Size Name: 5/8″-24TPI Verified Purchase

I’ve gone with a lot of crazy designed flash hiders, and a lot of “different” ones as well. The TriDelta is very nice. It’s not as wild of a design, it fits well, and looks really cool yet still conservative. It stands out if you’re looking at it, but doesn’t stand out to the point of catching your attention by glancing at it.

It really is a good solid piece and well constructed with a quality finish. I was very impressed with the quality compared to many other flash hiders I’ve ordered off of Amazon.

Will definitely order another one of these for future builds.

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