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Bugging in or bugging out: What’s the right move?

When stuff hits the fan, the natural tendency for people is to gather what they can and leave the area. But is that the right thing for you to do? We’ve discussed the basics of putting together a “bug out bag” – a backpack, ruck sack, duffel bag, or some other device you can carry – at length (here, here, here, and here, for starters). However, there could come a time when staying put is a much better – and safer – idea.On the occasion when you might have to get out of Dodge City and quickly, you simply have to have a plan in place for that. Too often people will simply say they are “heading for the hills” when SHTF, but many if not most of them have never spent one night outdoors; and depending on where you live, “the wilderness” can be as dangerous, if not more so, than urban rioting.

The thing is, once you decide to bug out, you have to realize you are putting yourself and your party at risk immediately. Your safety and security, as well as your ability to sustain and protect yourself, are compromised immediately.

Bugging out should almost always be limited to worst-case scenarios – widespread looting and violence, zombie apocalypse, approaching enemy military forces, etc. Really extreme situations.

Honestly, staying put is most often the safest choice because 1) most of what you will need is already there at your primary residence; and 2) in most cases you are better protected and can expect a higher degree of security inside your own home (which you know well) than traveling amongst the chaos.

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